5/22/2014 Limited Time offer sale…Hurry an awesome story!

*Please be sure to check pricing before downloading*

$.99 cents

HURRY! Limited time offer!!


The Ransom (ebook only) will be at it’s lowest price ever,
 99 cents for 4 days only
May 21st – May 24th.  I don’t
 plan on offering it at this low a price again for a very long time, if
 ever, so this is your chance to pick up a copy or even purchase a
 copy for a friend as a gift! 

 Currently it has 120 5-Star Reviews and is an Amazon Best seller!!
 Don’t miss this opportunity to get a copy at a phenomenal price!
 It almost pains me to give away 8 months of hard work for only
 99 cents, but I want to get this book in as many hands as
 possible. So, please tell your friends! 

 Buy now from Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Kobo and Itunes


Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


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